Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Halloween Eigth

I've been reading a lot more lately. I've always loved reading, but haven't really carved out the time for it. I think I've read mostly comic books in the last few years. It still counts as reading.

Recently I had the opportunity to beta read a book written by a friend. I honestly didn't know what to expect when I downloaded "Universus Respondet." I pretty much dove right in whenever I had time. I read in the pool on my pool floatie, in the car while my husband drove to get the kids from school, in the recliner in the evening while my kids zoned out to cartoons. It was hard to find stopping points when I needed to put the book down, as the adventure within pulled me and held tight. 

The story takes place in the future, which is always a nice start for a good scifi read. We're moving in the direction of colonizing Mars when we encounter something alien. We had started watching the Alien franchise just before I read this book, which reminded me of the colony from "Aliens." Already this book was proving to be a fun read for an alien, space, sci-fi loving nerd like myself. As I read further, the book had elements of "The Terminator" as the alien race was encountered. I just had to find out if the human race survived, or just how humanity ended. 

I really liked how the book had a main character that tied into all the other characters. There wasn't one main hero or heroine, but a a team of many smart, brave men and women that showed that global team work was key in surviving this tale. It made the story feel real and also made me want to watch it as a movie. I would definitely buy a ticket for that one.

That's pretty much all I can say without a spoiler. If you want a great scifi read to curl up with this fall, Bacil Donovan Warren's "Univesus Respondet" is available on paperback or as an ebook (perfect for any reader, no matter your preference) here. I recommend it for sci-fi loving adults and even younger advanced readers. Make sure you tell me what you thought of it! 

I'm off to find my next read.....

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